Guidance for voters

Local elections will be taking place on Thursday 6 May 2021.

Some of these elections have been delayed from 2020 due to Covid19 and some changes have been made as a result, please read this information carefully. 

As well as guidance for polling day you will also find a timeline of key dates and deadlines which you may need to be aware of in order to vote in these elections.

Information and guidance for electors

Where is my polling station going to be?

Your polling station will also be clearly marked on your poll card, which you will receive after Monday 22 March it may be different from usual so please read your card carefully. 

Which polls are taking place?

Police and Crime Commissioner 

Hampshire County Council 

Neighbourhood Planning Referendum — New Milton 

Delayed By-Elections;

  • Ringwood Town Council (Ringwood North Ward)
  • Milford On Sea Parish Council
  • Hythe Parish Council (Butts Ash Ward)

Will the polls go ahead despite COVID-19? 

The government announced on Wednesday 13 January that the polls would go ahead.  

Will it be safe to vote?

We will comply with all Government guidelines in force at the time of the poll.  

This will include:

  • distancing
  • handling of papers
  • use of voters own pen or pencil
  • regular cleaning of polling booths and equipment
  • the wearing of masks for both voters and poll station staff.

These may involve restricting access to the polling station if there are a large number of people trying to vote at the same time, please be prepared to wait outside until permitted to enter.  

Timeline of key dates and deadlines for electors 

Publication of the Notice of Election 

Notice of election will be published Monday 22 March.

Poll card issue

Poll cards will be sent out around Monday 22 March.

Publication of the Statements of Persons Nominated 

Statements of persons nominated will be published at 4pm, Friday 9 April. 

Last day to register to vote 

The deadline to register to vote in these elections is midnight, Monday 19 April.  

Last day to apply for a postal vote, or change your absent voting arrangements 

The deadline to apply for a postal vote or make changes to your absent voting arrangement is 5pm, Tuesday 20 April.

Postal vote issue

Postal votes for electors that made their application before Thursday 1 April will be issued around Friday 16 April.  

Postal votes for all other electors will be issued around Thursday 22 April.

Receipt of proxy applications  

The deadline to apply for a proxy vote is 5pm, Tuesday 27 April.

Appointment of poll and count agents 

Poll and count agents will be appointed Wednesday 28 April.

First day to issue replacement lost postal ballot papers 

Replacement lost postal ballot papers issued from Thursday 29 April.

Receipt of emergency proxy vote applications 

We can receive emergency proxy vote applications up to 5pm, Thursday 6 May.  

Polling day 

Poll is open from 7am until 10pm, Thursday 6 May.  

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