Our Love Parks campaign

Our Love Parks campaign aims to give residents and visitors to our public parks and open spaces a timely reminder to respect each other and the environment so these special places can be enjoyed by all.

Why we are doing the campaign

Our parks and open spaces, like others across the country have been a valuable source of enjoyment for people since lockdown measures were introduced at the end of March and have been even more popular since lockdown has been eased.

Sadly, during the past few months and more recently with a rise in visitor numbers, we have seen a substantial increase in antisocial behaviour from some members of the public with unprecedented volumes of litter and waste being left behind.

Other antisocial behaviour that has been reported to us and which is causing harm includes public urination, abuse of staff and unwanted fires and BBQs.

As a result, we are running a new campaign 'Love Parks' during August asking users of our parks and open spaces to respect each other and the environment, and not to engage in activity that will be harmful, dangerous or disturb other users enjoyment.

What is the Love Parks campaign

The 'Love Parks' campaign has been developed by Keep Britain Tidy, and is aimed at those who may not fully appreciate the collective and serious impacts of their behaviour on staff, local communities and the environment.

'Love Parks' is designed to give visitors a timely and salient reminder about their responsibilities to help protect and respect our parks and open spaces using signs and posters in some of the worst affected areas and messages on social media.

The campaign features images of real parks staff and park users with quotes that talk about how anti-social behaviour makes them feel, with each one urging people to 'be kind' to their park.



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