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Access to Information Policy

The purpose of our Access to Information Policy is to ensure that we follow legislation governing access to information held by local government.

This policy supports the legislative framework for responding to requests for information under the statutory access regimes of:

The policy should not be read in isolation and regard should be had to the Lord Chancellor's Code of Practice under Section 45 on the practice to be followed in Handling Requests for Information. 

We further recognises that although it is not legally binding, failure to comply with the code may lead to the failure to comply with the Act.


The aims of the policy are to ensure access to information held by us in order to:

  • promote greater openness
  • provide increased transparency of decision making
  • build public trust and confidence. 

These aims will be balanced against the need to ensure the confidentiality of some information. This relates to such areas as personal privacy, commercial sensitivity and where disclosure would not be in the public interest.

Key requirements and commitment to access to information

We are committed to openness about our operations and will favour disclosure of information where possible.  The policy sets out the general principles that will be adopted by us in response to requests for information under any statutory access regime.


Dataset information is being made available for re-use under the Open Government Licence


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