Halloween advice

Stay safe and have fun this Halloween by following this advice.

October 2020

Halloween parties

Rather than going out, think about marking Halloween by hosting a safe party.

  • Remember the rule of 6 (you should only meet in groups of no more than 6 people, indoors or out)
  • Spend time with people you know - the smaller the group the better
  • Choose games and activities that don't use shared items and allows people to stay 2 metres apart
  • Don't share drink or food or any other items
  • Choose a location that allows for social distancing
  • Provide hand sanitiser
  • Wash your hands often


Don't go trick-or-treating if you have any symptoms of coronavirus (See the NHS website for more information, how to get a test, and self-isolating rules)

  • Remember the rule of 6 (you should only meet in groups no larger than 6 people indoors or out)
  • Choose costumes that allow a face covering to be worn - make sure you can see and breathe comfortably
  • Minimise contact with others: trick-or-treat with your family, remain close to home, and stay 2 metres apart
  • Avoid touching doorbells or railings: call "trick or treat" from 2 metres away, knock instead of using doorbells, use hand sanitiser after touching surfaces
  • Wash hands and disinfect packages before eating candy
  • Get the NHS COVID-19 app, and make sure it is active and scanning.
  • Look out for pumpkin trails and hunts. Instead of traditional trick or treating, go out and see how many pumpkins you can spot in windows (similar to the NHS rainbows) and you take sweets to give to your child when they spot them. There are a few events popping up in Facebook groups you can search for. 
  • Children should be accompanied by an adult when trick-or-treating
  • Only go to the houses of people who you know, and who are happy for you to call round
  • Never be tempted to go inside someone's house
  • Don't call at houses that have 'no trick or treat' posters on show. There may be elderly or vulnerable people living at these addresses who do not feel comfortable speaking to strangers
  • Keep to well-lit areas and don't take shortcuts through gardens or alleyways
  • Wear bright clothing or reflective strips, and always carry a torch

Handing out treats

  • Don't hand out treats if you have any symptoms / are self-isolating
  • Wear a face-covering that fully covers your nose and mouth
  • Wash your hands before and after
  • Ask trick-or-treaters to call out instead of ringing the doorbell
  • Set up a table or desk to help keep yourself distanced
  • Don't leave out self-serve bowls

If you do not want trick or treaters to call on you this Halloween, you can download a poster to print and display in your window

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