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Identity wristband service

Identity Wristband


The Appletree Careline identity wristband service offers the wearer the opportunity to maintain social and day to day activities out in the community; visiting friends, going for walks or just doing the shopping.

A flexible silicone band uniquely numbered for each customer with our emergency control room numbers printed and debossed into the band.

Following an emergency call to the control room, Appletree Careline will mobilise the help required, using the personalised information and preferences provided by the customer. This will include contacting family members, friends or the emergency services.

The service is available for anyone (no matter what age) who would like to feel safer and more confident out of the home.

You do not need to be a customer already; it can be used as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with an Appletree Careline community alarm.


For customers who have a community alarm and an identity wristband - 47pence per week

For customers who have an identity wristband only - £25 a year and a one-off registration charge of £10.00.


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Updated: 7 Mar 2019
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