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Garden Waste Scheme

The Garden Waste Scheme is an easy, affordable way for New Forest residents to dispose of their garden waste. Bags are collected once a fortnight and composted at a Hampshire facility.

Subscriptions to the garden waste collection service are now closed. Subscriptions to next year's garden waste collection service will be open from mid-February.

About the garden waste scheme

The service is a convenient way for you to recycle your garden waste, without having to take it to the tip. You can join the scheme at any point during the year and there is a sliding scale of charges if you join later in the year.

On joining for the first time, you will receive a reusable bag to store and present your garden waste in for collection. The bag is collected once a fortnight and taken to a Hampshire composting site to be turned into Pro-Grow, a high quality soil conditioner. There is a break in collections over Christmas and New Year, which is shown on the collection calendar.

You can use your garden waste bag to dispose of up to 20kg of:

  • Grass cuttings
  • Hedge cuttings
  • Weeds and flowers
  • Small branches up to 75mm diameter
  • Leaves
  • Prunings

We cannot accept items such as soil, rubble, fruit and vegetable peelings, animal waste or general rubbish in the bags.


Your collection day

When you join or renew your subscription to the garden waste scheme, you will be sent a welcome letter with your collection week and day along with a collection calendar.

For example Mrs Smith's garden waste collection is Monday Week A and her first collection would have taken place on Monday 7 April.

adobe icon Garden Waste Calendar 2015/16 [711kb]

There are no changes to collections over the Easter or summer bank holidays. Collections are suspended over the Christmas period, shown in red on the collection calendar.

Please place your sack at the edge of your property on your collection day. Your garden waste team will empty your bag and return it. On occasions, it may be necessary for your collection team to replace your bag with a different one.

Your crew will replace your sack if it becomes unusable through wear and tear. New sacks will not automatically be issued to residents who are renewing their licence.

If your garden waste bag cannot be emptied for reasons such as being too heavy or containing incorrect items, your team will leave a card to explain why it has not been collected.

Other options

Please see our sections on Composting and Recycling Centres

Garden waste taken to the household waste recycling centres at Efford, Marchwood and Somerley is then taken to a composting site in Hampshire where it is made into "Pro-Grow" soil conditioner.

Updated: 3 Feb 2016
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