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Protecting the environment and promoting the wise use of natural resources

Priorities - Customer; Efficiency; Performance; Partnerships

"Precious natural resources are protected and damage to the environment through landfill is reduced" and

 "The Council's own activities will operate with a reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact"

Key Activity:  Improve recycling rates through targeted campaigns and actions for paper and glass

Percentage of household waste that is sent for reuse, recycling or composting302930Target
Recycling rates across the country have plateaued or even reduced in recent years. This is due to there being a decrease in quantity of recyclable waste (especially paper).  Residual waste tonnages have increased
MilestonesTarget DateStatus
Submit final bid via the Weekly Collection Support Scheme for a kerbside collection of glassAugust 2012Milestone completed  
Report to Environment Review Panel (Task& Finish Group) and implement scheme if bid successfulNovember 2012

Milestone completed

Bid successful funding of £1.8 million secured
Implement kerbside collection of glass to all main urbanised areas of the districtFebruary 2014Milestone completed This has been rolled out to all areas except the Rural (majority completed) and multi-occupancy properties.
Assess all multi Occupancy properties and where feasible to do so provide the opportunity for kerbside glass recyclingMarch 2015Milestone completed The majority of multi occupancy properties now have a kerbside glass collection scheme in place
Under Project Integra increase participation rate for the collection of paper in partnership with Hampshire County Council and Portsmouth City CouncilDecember 2012Milestone completed Project completed with residents all leafleted and workshops held for residents in Ringwood early indications suggest little change following the campaign to amount of paper in black and clear sacks. Further assessment to be undertaken later in the year
Working with Project Integra review the Recycle for Hampshire campaign and its value to NFDCSeptember 2013Milestone completed Completed on time, the Head of Project Integra reported to the Environment Committee in April 2014

Key Activity:  Undertake feasibility and potential for use of biomass boiler at Lymington Town Hall

MilestonesTarget DateStatus
Conclude feasibility study and implement procurement process if approval to pursue through the Task & Finish GroupSeptember 2012

Milestone completed


Key Activity:  Develop sustainable procurement

MilestonesTarget DateStatus
Develop sustainable procurement policy and guidance for Corporate Overview and Scrutiny PanelJune 2012

Milestone completed

Procurement Strategy approved by Cabinet July 2012, includes section of sustainable procurement.
Evaluate alternative fuel vehicles and their uses within the existing fleetOctober 2013

Milestone completed

Report to Environment Review Panel recommendation is that we are doing all we can will continue to monitor.

Key Activity:  Reduce CO2 emissions and fuel poverty

MilestonesTarget DateStatus
Sign up to collective switching agreement led by Hampshire County CouncilMay 2013Milestone completed NFDC promotion of collective switching opportunity to NFDC residents. Further switching opportunities to be supported/promoted.
Sign up to Solent Green DealJune 2013Milestone completed Signed up at 'promoter' level for the Solent Green Deal. This initiative has been managed by Portsmouth CC. We have signposted households within the district to the Solent Green Deal website. Slow take up by households to date.
Install PV panels to Gore GrangeAugust 2013Milestone completed 88 panels installed (21Kw) with estimate 10 tonne Co2 saving p.a.

Key Activity: Working with a member task and Finish group draft a tree strategy for managing trees owned by NFDC

 MilestonesTarget Date


Seek approval from members of the Environment Review Panel and Cabinet for a council wide tree management strategy.September 2014Milestone completed Council approval of the Tree Management Strategy has now been adopted

Status Key:

In progress In progress/ongoing Milestone completed Milestone completed  Milestone not completed Milestone not completed

Performance data from our transparency pages

Updated: 11 Jun 2015
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