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  • Applemore
  • Ringwood
  1. Monday
  2. 10.00AM - 10.25AM Gym Ben Class
  3. 6.30PM - 6.55PM Gym Hollie Class
  4. Tuesday
  5. 6.00PM - 6.25PM Gym Nik Class
  6. Wednesday
  7. 9.15AM - 9.40AM Gym Nik Class
  8. 6.30PM - 6.55PM Gym Colin Class
  9. Thursday
  10. 6.30PM - 6.55PM Gym Ben Class
  11. Friday
  12. 9.15AM - 9.40AM Gym Hollie Class
  13. 5.30PM - 5.55PM Gym Hollie Class
  14. Saturday
  15. 10.15AM - 10.40AM Gym Ben Class
  1. Monday
  2. 5.00PM - 5.25PM Synrgy Gym Team Class
  3. Tuesday
  4. 6.30PM - 6.55PM Synrgy Gym Team Class
  5. Wednesday
  6. 5.30PM - 5.55PM Synrgy Gym Team Class
  7. Thursday
  8. 9.00AM - 9.25AM Synrgy Gym Team Class
  9. Friday
  10. 10.00AM - 10.25AM Synrgy Gym Team Class
  11. Saturday
  12. 11.00AM - 11.25AM Synrgy Gym Team Class

Class prices

Standard: £4.60 (25mins)
Gym, swim and classes: included in membership
Senior Active membership: £3.60
Teen Active membership: £2.20
Concessionary: £3.60


Need to know

Age - 16yrs+
Pre-booking recommended
Group Fitness class booking, attendance and cancellation policy

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What is a Synrgy HIIT small group training session?

Our brand new 25 minute Synrgy HIIT small group training sessions are centred upon and around the Synrgy360 or Synrgy T functional training rig and consist of short bursts of interval based exercise interspersed with periods of recovery. Be prepared to use an array of training methods including battle ropes, slam balls, punch bag, kettlebells, the rebounder and grapple ropes.

Sessions do not include a warm up or cool down, so participants should ensure they have completed a warm prior to the session commencing and a cool down after the session.


Yes you can, Synrgy HIIT training sessions are designed for everyone and provide an intensive cardio-vascular workout. Customers are always advised to seek GP's advice prior to undertaking a new programme of exercise or if they have an existing health problem.


Loose, comfortable clothing for maximum movement
Suitable non-slip footwear
Water / drinks bottle - It is important to keep hydrated whilst exercising. Water bottle filling facilities are available in a number of areas throughout our centres.
Small towel
£1 deposit for locker (20p deposit for lockers in our dry changing room at Ringwood)

For any further information or to book a class call
023 8028 5531