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Get fit and keep fit

We believe in inclusive fitness for all and that's why we offer discounted activities throughout the centres for young people with our Teen Active.

Young people aged 12yrs+ are welcomed into our gyms following a 1:1 Induction with one of our qualified gym instructors. Those under 16yrs must have a Under 16yrs Parq (Health Questionnaire) completed and signed by their parent before/on attending their gym induction.  

The table below shows what equipment young people can use and when supervision is required. Young people under 16yrs must be supervised at all times whilst using the gym. If a gym instructor is not present in the gym, then this supervision must be carried out by an adult (18yrs+) that has had a gym induction with us. Young people that are members of Teen Active will get a discounted price at all times.

NB. All those under 16yrs must complete a pre-exercise questionnaire which must be signed by their parent or guardian.

AgeCV EquipmentWeight machinesWeights areaPower PlateSupervision

*Only within their capabilities, as assessed by a fitness professional and written into their programme during their Gym induction.

By joining Teen Active young people will be entitled to a reduced rate gym induction too.

How much does it cost

Fitness DirectIncluded
Teen Active£2.20
Standard Junior£4.00
Concessionary Junior£2.20

Please can we remind all customers that it is important to keep hydrated whilst exercising. Therefore, please ensure you bring along a water bottle for this purpose. Water bottle filling facilities are available in a number of areas throughout our centres.