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Corporate Plan and Values

Corporate Plan

The Council has a Corporate Plan called "Delivering for our Communities'. This sets out how the Council can play a leading role in the future of the New Forest District. The plan sits at the top of a family of Council strategies and plans designed to deliver solutions to help meet the needs of our district. Most importantly, the Council publishes its performance plan in June each year, which reports on its performance and sets targets against the Council's aims. The corporate plan is not just a document. It informs everything the Council does and helps improve its performance. It makes sure that everyone is working towards the same goal - improving the quality of people's lives.

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Council Values

Everything we do is delivered through a set of values that are shared by all Members and employees. These values shape the way we aspire to work and the services we provide.

Values 2016

We will be ambitious in our desire to work for and with our local communities.   We are financially responsible  with the public funds made available to us and we will  be innovative and customer focused  in how we improve outcomes for our community.   We will be collaborative in our working, and are proud  to work for and with others to represent the best interests of our unique  and special place.  We will be open in our approach and with our plans to deliver our aims and priorities.



Updated: 8 May 2018
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