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Coronavirus - Advice to Businesses Restarting Work

The Government is encouraging people who cannot work from home to return to work in certain sectors including manufacturing and construction. It is looking more likely that the Government will be allowing other sectors to return to work in the coming weeks. Indications are that there will be a phased return to work in certain sectors. This return to work must be carried out in a controlled fashion with restrictions in place to prevent the further spread of Coronavirus.

Controlling Coronavirus in the Workplace

The Government has provided several detailed guides for different work sectors to support employers to help keep their staff safe from infection. If you have not carried out a risk assessment for Coronavirus at your workplace, please visit Working safely during coronavirus.  You should look at and adopt the 5 main steps to working safely then choose and follow the guide or guides which cover the work activities you carry out.  In some cases you may have to use more than one guide.


Further Information

Further supplementary information is available from the Health and Safety Executive in the form of short guides.  These guides outline in general non work- activity specific terms:

  • how you can protect workers and others from Coronavirus and;
  • include your workers in the risk assessment phase. 

The documents may be useful in helping you to complete the Government work-activity specific guides or design and implement your own procedures to control the spread of Coronavirus.

Food Safety and Health & Safety Checklists

We have also provided checklists addressing food safety and health and safety matters, you may wish to consider to complete alongside the Government and/or HSE Coronavirus guides before your work and or food activities resume.  Please be aware that due to the wide spectrum of work and food activities we regulate the checklists can be neither prescriptive or exhaustive and cover the main general topics most businesses will need to consider.

Contact us at  if you require additional advice on social distancing and personal hygiene measures needed to control the risk presented by Coronavirus, on which businesses are permitted to trade or matters relating to health and safety or food safety.

Updated: 22 May 2020
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