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Statement: Claim that political information was contained within postal vote

On 19 May 2019 a claim that a political leaflet was in the same envelope as a postal vote issued by us, was made in a tweet.

We have looked into the suggestion that political communications were contained in with postal voting material.

The postal voting packs were put together at the Council and not by external contractors.  The packs are double-checked.

This process means that it is very unlikely that a political leaflet would have been included in a postal voting pack. Rather, it is likely that the leaflet was delivered on or around the same day as the postal voting pack, which is how this misunderstanding may have arisen. 

Mark R Heath, Regional Returning Officer for the South East Region: European Parliamentary Elections,  "I am satisfied that the matter has been properly and fully looked into. The leaflet in question will have been delivered around the same time as the postal voting pack and I agree with the Local Returning Officer that this is how this issue has arisen."

Updated: 20 May 2019
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