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Our external review to ensure we become a council for the future

We are considering what a "council of the future" will look like on the recommendation of a Local Government Association review.

We were found to have "an excellent understanding of (the) local context", a "loyal" workforce, and to be a "financially sound" organisation.

This comes after a panel of experienced external local authority members and officers carried out a thorough review of our plans for the future at the invitation of NFDC's Leader and senior management team. 

The Local Government Association panel undertook the review, known as a Corporate Peer Challenge, over four days in October.  The panel reviewed their findings and have now sent recommendations, which were considered at the meeting of Cabinet (6 December). 

Cllr Barry Rickman, Leader, said, "We are always reviewing what we do to make sure we are delivering services our residents value, both now and into the future,  and welcomed this opportunity for external scrutiny. In the last eighteen months there have been significant changes to the organisation and we were keen to continue to challenge ourselves".

The review's recommendations included that we consider our strategic direction; alternative models for service delivery; working with partners to deliver priorities; and investment in technology to help bring about change.

Bob Jackson, Chief Executive, said "Preparing for the peer challenge provided us with a great opportunity to sharpen our focus on the nature and appropriateness of our plans and our capacity to deliver on our priorities. We are now setting about developing a plan of how we will address the suggestions made by the review team" 



The Local Government Association, the national body which represents local authorities, offers all councils the opportunity to voluntarily undergo a Corporate Peer Challenge to complement their own performance and improvement activities.  The panel was made up of a chief executive, a deputy chief executive, a director of finance and business improvement and a council leader from three other district and one borough council.

The review panel met staff, council members and some of NFDC's partner and stakeholder organisations to look at the local context, financial viability, leadership, decision-making and organisational capacity. 


Updated: 6 Dec 2017
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