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PSL - Required of a Property Owner

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(ask for Emilie Dyke)

  •  Confirmation of ownership - Land Registry Certificate or confirmation from solicitor.
  •  If there is a mortgage on the property, owners should seek advice from their lender that the property can be leased to a Council or Housing Association.
  •  A copy of the 'Landlords Buildings Insurance' certificate on the property.
  •  A valid Gas Safety Certificate 'Gas Safe' Capita Group.
  •  Carbon Monoxide Detectors in rooms that have open fireplaces or the ability to a have a fuel fire.
  •  A valid NICEIC electrical certificate.
  •  Energy Efficiency Certificate from 1st October 2008

it must be noted that from April 2018 all properties will need to have an EPC rating of 'E' as a minimum.

  •  An Asbestos Management Survey.
  •  Heating system update - (boiler been recently serviced, heating in working order?).
  •  If the property is leasehold - details of the freeholder and their consent to lease the property.
  •  Details of any Management Company and covenants that should be complied with.
  •  A UK address and contact, if the owner is living abroad, in addition to the owners address abroad.

 Please be aware that if you are living abroad whilst leasing your property you are considered to be a non-resident landlord by HM Revenue and Customs. In order for the rent to be paid gross before the deduction of Income Tax you will need to apply for approval from HMRC. Individuals will need to complete form NRL1 (in the case of joint owners, all owners should apply individually). Companies need to complete form NRL2 and trustees need to complete form NRL3. Application forms are available at for completion online.

  •  We require any operating instructions for the heating and any built-in appliances.
  •  We require two complete sets of keys and keys for window locks.
  •  Gardens should be tidy at take-on.
  •  Property should be clean and unfurnished but with carpets and curtains if possible.
  •  Details of any servicing contracts, e.g. with British Gas.
  •  Details of any guarantees, e.g. on built in appliances, conservatories etc.
Updated: 7 Nov 2019
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