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Transportation Fees and Charges

Financial Support Fees and Charges 2020 /2021


Special Event Road Closures under the Town Police Clauses Act

Fees for road closures for special events carried out using the Town Police Clauses Act are £160, with no charges for churches, linked national celebrations or events where no on-street trading or non-participation/entry charges are made.

Speed limit reminders

Speed Indicator Devices (SID) and Speed Limit Reminders (SLR) are devices that can be deployed to help reduce speeding. A SID can be used to gather vehicle speed data that can be used to assess the need for further action, and a SLR can be used to provide a reminder of the speed limit together with a 'SLOW DOWN'message.

The Council owns a number SID and SLR devices which are used for deployments across the District. Currently a programme of deployments is produced based on where road casualties have occurred over the last 5 years, in consultation with HCC and the police. The Council funds around 46 SID deployments and 20 SLR deployments each year. This number of deployments allows for some capacity for ad hoc requests that are received throughout the year.

Each year the Council receives a number of requests from Parishes and other community groups for the deployment of these devices. There is capacity to hire out our devices when not in use by us. The Council charges a weekly rental cost of £200 with an £80 fee for the installation of the device itself. For the rental fee the hirer will receive advice on the best location to install the device and daily downloading of the data which will be provided to the hirer together with routine monitoring of the device to ensure it is working properly. Prior to agreeing to any rental, the Council will consult with both HCC and the Police to ensure that the proposed location is a safe location for a deployment.

Should there not be a suitable post/pillar for the device to be attached to at the location, an additional post may also be required and the applicant would be required to pay the full cost of this. This cost will vary at each location.

Should a Parish / Parishes / community group approach the Council in respect of a number of deployments for the year the Council will consider a bespoke costing based on the specific requirements.

Recommendation for Speed Indicator Devices:

• The fee for a weekly rental of a SID/SLR to remain at £200 which will include the full data obtained during that period and an £80 fee for installation.

• Bespoke charging rates can be agreed on a case by case basis should the Council be approached for multiple deployments.

Updated: 13 Feb 2020
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