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Public Events and the Safety Advisory Group

To view a current list of Events and to give feedback on them, please use the following link: Register of current events in the New Forest District Area


There are many types of public events that take place in the New Forest area every year. These public events can enhance community life in the New Forest area, but if poorly planned, the potential for risks to public safety and adverse environmental effects is increased. Proper planning and management by the event organiser is essential to reduce those risks.

When groups of people gather together, dangerous situations can occur and many different factors can influence crowd behaviour. The event organiser is responsible for the health, safety and welfare of the people attending their event, as well as that of the employees, contractors and sub-contractors working there.

Some public events take place without the organiser contacting the local authority or emergency services - in such circumstances public safety can be compromised and the organiser could be vulnerable to legal action. To help organisers, a Safety Advisory Group (SAG) has been established to co-ordinate the efforts of relevant agencies to provide advice to anyone who wishes to organise an event within the New Forest area.

The SAG group encourages event organisers to take advantage of the safety advice available and to make sure that public safety at the event is always a major priority.

SAG Objectives

The aims and objectives of the SAG are to provide safety information and advice to event organisers and to foster good working relationships with them. The SAG will promote best practice and encourage co-operation between its members to ensure that public safety is always paramount in the minds of event organisers


The group will produce an annual list of known events taking place within the area which could be of interest to event organisers to check that their event will not conflict with events already taking place. The SAG would welcome feedback in relation to registered events. For up to 28 days after an event, please select the feedback box adjacent to the event you would like to comment on within the 'current register of events list'. This is for general comments and experiences only and will assist with improving the safety of such events in the future. If you have a particular complaint that you would like followed up, please contact the relevant council department as necessary. If your complaint relates to crime and disorder offences, please contact Hampshire Police directly.

Case by Case

Each event is judged individually. Some events which are either small in size or do not pose any specific risks, will not go out to formal SAG consultation. Generally, the SAG group will be consulted electronically, with all event details and plans provided being sent out to each member.

Often the necessary advice and guidance will be given on a one to one basis from a SAG member to the organiser. In more complex cases or where considered appropriate the SAG can meet as a group or sub-group to discuss those public events that are considered to have the potential to present a significant risk to public safety. If the membership of the SAG identifies an event that is likely to compromise the safety of the people attending, then the appropriate SAG member organisation may need to consider action to prevent such events from taking place unless the necessary safety improvements are implemented.

Types of Events

The SAG will assist and guide organisers with all public events, typical examples including:

Additional information for cycling events

New Forest Cycling Code

adobe icon Cycle event organiser's charter [204kb]

Road Closures or Licensable activities

If a road closure is required please complete and return the relevant form as detailed in the following link. Road Closures for Special Events.

If licensable activities will be undertaken, please view the following link for guidance Licensing & Regulation or contact Licensing service direct on 02380 28 5505

Potential Clashes

Please see below the current list of events that NFDC are aware of and the status of those events

Register of current events in the New Forest District Area

Also see below the current list of events that the National Park Authority are aware of

NPA list of events

and the official visitor website events calendar

Official visitor website calendar

Please see below the list of pony drift dates provided by the Verderers office. If your event falls on one of these dates, please contact their office on 023 8028 2052 to obtain location details. This is essential in avoiding public safety issues on the day of your event.

adobe icon Verderers Drift Dates 2019 [113kb]

Click the link below to view local horse riding schools in the New Forest together with contact information.

adobe icon Riding Stables Map [2Mb]

SAG Membership

The SAG will consist of a group of core members and invited representatives from other agencies when appropriate.

The core members will comprise officers from:-

  • New Forest District Council:-
    • Environmental Health
    • Licensing
    • Building Control
    • Transportation
  • HCC Highways
  • Hampshire Constabulary
  • Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services
  • South Central Ambulance Service

The Chair of the SAG may also invite persons who can contribute to the discussion e.g. event organiser, licence holder, public transport providers, town centre managers, Primary Care Trust, etc

What does the event organiser need to do?

To assess the risk presented by your event and thereby determine the level of assistance that can be offered, it is important that you provide certain details to the SAG:

Please complete this online form to notify us of your event

Proposals for an event should be notified at the earliest opportunity. When planning a large event a minimum of 6 months notice should be sought. All statutory timescales for the licensing of the sale of alcohol, regulated entertainment and late night refreshment must be met under the requirements of the Licensing Act 2003, and a relevant application must be submitted separately to the licensing authority.

Other Useful Documents

The advice given by the SAG is not a replacement for arrangements and documents which may exist to guide persons through the processes and procedures of organising events. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to understand, plan and organise a structure for safely managing the event and reference should be made to the following information:

Guidance produced by the Health&Safety Executive

The New Forest SAG has also produced the following documents to assist event organisers but they are not substitutes for existing technical guidance or documents otherwise available.

adobe icon The Event Plan [312kb]

Traffic Management Guidance

adobe icon The use of stewards and marshals [114kb]

adobe icon Fire Safety at Public Events [15kb]

Road Closures for Special Events

For further information or queries please contact us on

E mail:

Post: Public Health & Community Safety
New Forest District Council
Appletree Court
SO43 7PA

Please mark all correspondence for the attention of the Civil Contingencies Manager

Other useful links:

adobe icon Event Safety Guide [1Mb]

adobe icon Event Notification Procedures and the Safety Advisory Group [95kb]

Updated: 9 Oct 2018
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