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Hanger Farm, Hazel Farm

Conservation Areas

Hazel Farm Both these farms are important historic sites that are gradually being surrounded by new housing as the edge of western Totton advances across their former farmland towards the bypass. Hanger Farm, designated in 1986 as new housing close by was being built, contains two important listed buildings. The farmhouse is an intriguing, valuable house of the seventeenth century, and the 9-bay barn is equally impressive. Hazel Farm dates from the nineteenth century with a substantial brick farmhouse and a yard with brick and timber-framed barns and cowsheds. It sits in a shallow valley with many mature trees around a sunken lane. Both areas were designated, knowing that the historic buildings would, as development gradually closes around them, be seen as familiar and highly valued reference points for the community.

There has been a settlement at Hanger Farm since at least the time of the Domesday Survey. The farm is the last remnant. The farmhouse is a substantial timber-framed building suggesting that its builder was a person of considerable wealth. Both farms formed part of the Tatchbury Estate which was broken up earlier this century. The early editions of the Ordnance Survey maps show the two farms linked by footpaths across the fields leading to Netley Marsh. As Totton grows, the Greenroute - a spacious and safe footpath and cycleway - through west Totton will link with and develop the existing paths.

adobe icon View the Hanger Farm map [368kb],
adobe icon View the Hazel Farm map [270kb].

These are key features in the conservation area:

  • Hazel farmhouse - a brick house of Flemish bond with purple headers - has 3 bays with a central front door and chimney stacks at either end.
  • The agricultural buildings at Hazel Farm are a good example of a compact 19th century farm layout. The tall staddle granary has a lot of character, and the barn has a fine, simple limewashed interior.
  • The sunken lane at Hazel Farm is the remnant of the old track to the hill fort at Tatchbury Mount, an important historic site in the area. Alongside are a number of impressive oak trees. As development of the area goes ahead this track will link into the new footpath system and the Greenroute.
  • Hanger farmhouse is a Grade II listed building. The original house has a substantial timber-frame of 3 bays plus a smoke bay - for the chimney. This is now encased in a brick skin with an extra bay at each end. The interior contains most of the original frame and many panels of wattle and daub. The front porch opens into a small lobby with doors either side leading to spacious living rooms each with a large fireplace. All the timber used in the building is of substantial size and it is hoped that future dendrochronology research - tree ring dating - will provide further clues to the history of this exciting building. Repair and reuse should be carried out sympathetically.
  • The 9-bay barn at Hanger Farm - listed Grade II - has a weather-boarded timber frame on a brick plinth. It has a queen strut roof originally covered with slate.

These are some of the things that make Hanger and Hazel Farms special - they need to be looked after:

  • History
    The layout of the farmyards and the surrounding footpath system.
  • Buildings
    Hanger farmhouse has a substantial timber-frame with much original wattle panel infilling, a brick front in Flemish bond with purple headers and a handmade clay tile roof.
    The 9-bay timber-framed barn at Hanger Farm.
    Hazel farmhouse, brick in Flemish bond with purple headers and a slate roof.
    The unlisted 5-bay timber-frame and slate roofed barn at Hazel Farm together with the surrounding linked brick and timber farm buildings, including the timber-framed granary on staddle stones, all forming a farmyard group.
  • Archaeology
    The length of period of occupation makes Hanger Farm archaeologically important. Ground disturbance during development is likely to be of interest to archaeologists.
  • Landscape/Townscape
    The farmyard and the enclosed sunken lane passing Hazel Farm and on westwards towards Tatchbury are important spaces.
    There are several mature oak trees along the lane at Hazel Farm.
  • Setting
    Hazel Farm lies low in the landscape in a small valley overlooked by fields and Michigan Way.
    Hanger Farm will still be set in open space, with sports facilities and other recreational provision.
  • Potential for enhancement
    At present, suitable new uses, enabling full repair, must be found for the buildings.
Updated: 1 May 2015
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