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Conservation Areas

A conservation area is defined as "an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance." What is a conservation area?

There are 22 conservation areas in the District. The first was designated in 1971, the most recent in 2001. The conservation areas range from a farmstead to areas of more than a square mile and include historic town centres such as Lymington and Ringwood, and whole villages in the Avon Valley and downland areas. The principal consideration in identifying a conservation area is its quality and interest, rather than individual buildings.

The conservation areas and their boundaries were reviewed in 1999-2000 with consequent boundary changes, and some further reviews were undertaken in 2010-2012. The council has published a number of Conservation Area Appraisals. These are intended to inform and manage change and development in these areas. The remaining conservation areas all have character statements which are intended to provide a 'starting point' for understanding the places that they describe. Links to appraisals and statements are given below.

There are specific planning controls in conservation areas and demolition or substantial demolition of an unlisted building requires permission. We must be given six weeks notice of any works to trees in a conservation area and during this time we may decide to serve a Tree Preservation Order. In addition, permitted development rights on dwelling houses are restricted and can be restricted further by the introduction of an Article 4 Direction. Planning Controls in a Conservation Area

Advice on whether development is likely to be acceptable in a Conservation Area or whether permission is required is available here.

Conservation Area Appraisals

adobe icon Hythe [2Mb],  adobe icon Lymington [4Mb],  adobe icon Milford on Sea [2Mb],  adobe icon Ringwood [2Mb],  adobe icon Fordingbridge [2Mb]

In addition to the appraisals, a character statement of each conservation area has also been published.

Ashlett Creek



Buckland (Lymington)

Ashlett Creek BicktonBreamoreBuckland (Lymington)




Hanger Farm, Hazel Farm

DamerhamElingFordingbridgeHanger Farm, Hazel Farm

Harbridge, Ibsley



Kings Saltern (Lymington)

Harbridge, IbsleyHytheLymingtonKings Saltern (Lymington)



Old Milton Green


MartinMilford-on-SeaOld Milton GreenRingwood


RNAD, Marchwood



RockbourneRNAD, MarchwoodSopleyWhitsbury
Updated: 29 Mar 2017
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