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Plastic packaging

Plastic Packaging


  • Buy fruit and veg loose where you can instead of in plastic punnets
  • Bulk buy - there is less packaging per portion and it's normally cheaper too


  • Refill your plastic bottle from a larger bottle or with tap water
  • Use ice cream tubs and take away boxes to store leftovers or as lunchboxes
  • Use yoghurt pots as seed planters until they're ready to go in the garden or ask local schools and nurseries if they would like them as paint and glue pots
  • Garden centres often have areas where you can return plastic plant pots or pick some up for free


  • Put your plastic bottles in the clear sack for recycling (no other plastics please)
  • Milk bottle tops are being collected by New Forest Mencap. It is also worth checking with your local school to see if they are collecting them to raise funds for eco-projects.
Updated: 23 Nov 2014
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