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Cotton bag Reduce

  • Take your own bag with you when you go shopping. Most of us are pretty good at remembering to take them to the supermarket but why not put a small one in your handbag, coat pocket or car for when you pop into town?
  • Many shops now ask you if you need a carrier bag. If you've bought a small item, such as a magazine, think about whether you really need a bag for it and say no if you can


  • Remember to store a bag in your car or leave it by the front door so you don't forget it when you visit the supermarket
  • Use single-use carrier bags as bin liners
  • If you have a pet, use old carrier bags as poop scoops


  • Larger supermarkets often have collection points for carrier bags outside their store
  • You may be able to take your bag for life back to the store and swap it for a new one when it gets too worn. Many supermarkets will send the old bags to be recycled.
Updated: 23 Nov 2014
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