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Sam animated My team of six keeps many of the services the council offers running smoothly. We look after all the administration for the waste and recycling service, trade waste, grounds maintenance and open spaces, street cleaning, engineering works, pest control and our transport workshops.

We organise work in response to customer queries, for example if a resident calls about a missed refuse collection, we liaise with the supervisor to arrange for a crew to pick it up; if a council tenant has a blocked drain we organise an engineer; or if a customer asks to join our garden waste or clinical waste collection service we add them to the rounds.

We are also responsible for recording and reporting the number of tonnes of refuse that is recycled or goes to landfill, which is required by law. We log council drivers' hours sheets to help make sure that they are not driving for longer than they are legally allowed. When our open spaces inspector checks car parks, coastal paths or other areas looked after by the council, we log what has been inspected and when, and organise any action needed.

The administrative support for all these services used to be separate, but we have brought it together into one team. Getting people to work in a new way, or expand their knowledge can be challenging. I run a buddy system so that members of the team can learn each other's jobs and provide cover if someone is on holiday or ill, to carry on providing a good quality service.

I have been with the council a long time and I have a good working knowledge of all of the services and processes that my team supports. I also support the service managers for Open Spaces, Streetscene and Waste and Recycling, including providing data and highlighting any problems. I'm the first port of call if there is a problem and my experience gives me the confidence to make decisions to help get things back on track.

Sam - Our Administration Supervisor, Operations


Updated: 14 Mar 2018
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