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My job is to look after the people that collect your rubbish and make sure it happens.

I'm responsible for the collection of waste from over 5,000 households per day. The trucks have to go out; tomorrow is too late.

I open the Ringwood depot at twenty past five in the morning, we have 10 refuse trucks which go out every day from this depot; this means co-ordinating 27 staff. Most of these trucks are on the road by 6am. Before this time I may have to deal with staff absences, mechanical failures or weather issues.

If our household waste truck didn't collect for just one day, this could impact around 2000 properties. You can see how quickly rubbish could pile up on our streets; imagine the smell and mess it would create. Not to mention the risk to people's health. Our refuse collection teams are pretty important really.

Our crew work really hard, walking up to 10 miles a day, it's a tough job. Occasionally they miss things; I'm there to manage it when we have a problem. I liaise with our customer service team, speak to customers on the phone and even visit properties to make sure issues are resolved.

It's not all about the operational side; as an organisation we are trying our best to improve recycling rates. I've recently been helping the communications team with some short videos for social media to help explain what can and cannot be recycled. 

We all create waste, so my service can affect everyone. I'm proud to be a part of the bigger waste and recycling picture. Keeping the streets clean, improving the environment and helping our customers.

Luke - Our Waste and Recycling Supervisor

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Updated: 14 Mar 2018
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